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The map shows levels of geopolitical risk in developing nations. Yellow indicates medium risk, orange high, and red very high risk. Developed nations are not rated. Aon Political Risk Map 2015. Read entire article at: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-04/5-big-geopolitical-risks-for-2015


Key Topics


Low oil prices and international sanctions negatively affecting Russian economy with spillover to trading partners Belarus and Kazakhstan. Sanctions expected to continue due to conflict with Ukraine.

Oil and Other Commodities

Oil price glut affecting Russia, Venezuela, and Iran, and Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan due to price shock vulnerabilities. Resource and energy rich nations in Africa face slow or negative growth.

Conflict and Violence

Regional instability caused by ISIL/ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and Boko Haram in Negeria significantly increase geopolitical risk.

Interest Rates

Fed rate increase would increase competition in global capital sourcing and servicing external debt more expensive.

The Middle East and North Africa

Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco should benefit from lower oil prices. All three face security risks from power vacuums in Libya, Syria, and Iraq.