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US economy slowed in Q4, but growth outlook still favorable

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. economic growth braked more sharply than initially thought in the fourth quarter amid a moderate increase in business inventories and a wider trade deficit, but strong domestic demand brightened the outlook.
US trims Q4 growth estimate to 2.2 pct.  
US economic growth in 4th quarter revised down to 2.2 percent  
The Federal Reserve should keep interest rates at rock bottom for longer than planned and then tighten monetary policy more aggressively since there is little evidence that the U.S

Dudley, top US economists urge later Fed rate hike

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Raising interest rates too late is safer than acting too early, an influential Federal Reserve official said on Friday, endorsing a high-profile research paper that argues that the U.S.

Dudley sees reasons for caution on raising rates too soon  Chicago Tribune
Fed urged to wait before steeper US rate hikes  CNBC