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A major international airport like London’s Heathrow has a distinct feel: concourses buzzing with dozens of languages, upscale shops competing for the spending money of the world’s wealthy and bored, runways filled with planes from every corner of the globe. Canada’s busiest airports are like junior versions of this. And while they would like to graduate to the big leagues, it’s generally not a lack of effort that’s holding them back from becoming global hubs. Instead, critics say government policies turn them into “cash cows” and hurt their ability to compete on the world stage.

[np_storybar title=”Air Canada CEO warns Ontario fuel tax hike will undo plan to turn Toronto into global aviation hub” link=””]

Air Canada has a vision of turning Toronto’s Pearson International Airport into a global aviation hub to rival Chicago’s O’Hare — but the airline’s CEO says that it could all be undone by the Ontario…

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