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Good refresher for people trying to understand the wireless market’s change from three-year to two-year contracts.

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The hated three-year cellphone contract may be on the way out but the price Canadians will pay to buy and use the sophisticated devices they love remains up in the air.

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The following provisions will have national application and come into force Dec. 2, 2013:

• Cellphone providers must unlock unsubsidized handsets immediately and no later than 90 days after the start of a contract for subsidized devices if requested. Carriers may still charge a fee for the service, which allows customers to use their handsets on competitors’ networks.

• Contracts must be written in plain language, set out prices clearly and indicate whether those rates include taxes.

• Once a contract for postpaid wireless service is signed, the provider must provide a permanent copy of the contract (on paper unless otherwise agreed) and must include a “critical information summary”.


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