LinkedIn and Facebook have performed as expected. LinkedIn’s revenue model makes sense to me, while I still don’t know how Facebook really makes money (other than advertising that people see more as spam).

Financial Post | Business

LinkedIn Corp., the business-oriented service for recruiters, job seekers and corporate networking, is showing investors the sort of promise from a social networking stock that many had hoped to find in rival Facebook Inc.

After the company reported yet another quarter of increasing revenue and millions of new members joining the revamped site, its stock skyrocketed to record-high levels Friday. Shares peaked at US$151.89 on Friday — an intraday record — closing up nearly 21% and bringing LinkedIn’s market cap to just over US$16-billion.

A report from Wired’s Ryan Tate points out an impressive fact: “LinkedIn has topped analyst expectations every quarter since it went public in May [2011].”

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