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The Harper government said Monday it will not include Governor-General David Johnston in any future policy discussions with First Nations, further clouding its battle of wills with aboriginal leaders.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said Monday Stephen Harper will meet with Assembly of First Nations’ National Chief Shawn Atleo “in the coming weeks,” and has no plans to abide aboriginal leaders’ demands for a summit Thursday.

“[First Nations people] are very insistent on having the Governor-General there, but the Governor-General says this is a policy matter with the government and that [he] shouldn’t be there,” Andrew MacDougall said. “We agree with that.”

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On Monday afternoon, Mr. Atleo broke his silence since announcing his medical leave on Jan. 14, saying in a statement he will return to the assembly’s helm “later this week.” The AFN executive formally requested a Jan. 24 meeting with the Prime Minister and the…

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