Inform The Pundits!

The insightful, economic-minded Fiscal Times created a slide presentation they titled,
12 Incredible Examples of Government Waste This Year“. It comes from a list compile by Republican U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

#2 on their list is $15 million taxpayer funded dollars, spent by the U.S. government, on a post cold war-era program to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

It is a well-intentioned program, for sure. It was originally aimed to prevent underpaid or unpaid Soviet-era nuclear scientists from selling secrets to; or technology to; or going to work for rogue nations or international terrorist groups.

One Fiscal Times criticism is the program has been diverted by Russia to create Russian jobs.

Amazing Russian Job Creation Record Using U.S. Dollars

Most stunning, however, is that for $15 million the DOE says that 2,800 private-sector jobs were created in Russia.

That is an astonishing $5,357 spend to…

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