Tracking Precious Metals

The past holiday really sickened me. Not because the cranberry salad was bad or the turkey under cooked.  No, it was the way so many in our society, from Main Street to Wall Street, willingly bowed down and sacrificed to the altar of consumerism. A religion, arguably not that new, which is consuming the very fabric of society today.

I did not partake Thursday or Friday in the shopping orgies but when I turned on the TV Friday morning to CNBC and saw Amanda Drury say, “Merry Black Friday,” in a bit of exuberance, I knew we had crossed the threshold of a barbarous god who desires that her converts consume themselves alive.

By now most have seen the videos of riots or heard of the gun fights that broke out in parking lots. I think what frightens me the most is that people have raised the idea that there is a desperate need…

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