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Hundreds of Ontario Internet subscribers could soon face the choice of bowing to the settlement demands of a California film studio or incurring expensive legal fees for a court battle.

In its lawsuit, Los Angeles-based Voltage Pictures LLC, best known for The Hurt Locker movie, is seeking damages related to alleged copyright infringement by hundreds of Jane and John Does, who it says were involved in unauthorized copying and distributing of its movies.

The customers are faced with a terrible dilemma of either paying the settlement demand or risking being sued and incurring the legal cost of fighting

The gatekeeper in the case is TekSavvy Solutions Inc., an Internet service provider based in Chatham, Ont., that stands between Voltage and the identity of customers alleged to have downloaded its content illegally using BitTorrent networks.

At a hearing in Toronto Monday, a Federal Court judge gave TekSavvy, which is not a…

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