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29 WAYS: DAY 1: What are the five basic steps in investing?

If you have a plan to follow, you’ll know better what to do with your money and you’ll worry less

29 WAYS: DAY 2: Make 2012 a year of paying down debt

It may be time to skip your RRSP and TFSA contributions

29 WAYS: DAY 3: The five fundamentals of a successful retirement planKeep these considerations in mind for a realistic and thorough retirement plan

29 WAYS: DAY 5: Earnings expectations: Does lower mean better?

If rallies come from exceeding expectations, dismal is good

29 WAYS: DAY 6: An egalitarian principle on the market yields encouraging results

Applying equal weighting to S&P 500 stocks shows the past decade has delivered meaningful returns – and might be an alternative for future investing

29 WAYS: DAY 7: Diversification: How many eggs? How…

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