Fibonacci Stalking

Some newletter subscribers and people I interact with on the social networks, as well as, in real life frequently ask me how High Frequency Trading (HFT) and computer algorithms trading the markets (program trading) can be exploited in trading. First of all what is HFT all about? A simple definition for High Frequency Trading is a practice that attempts to gain an advantage on the smallest differences in price which can be exploited with high speed trading execution — in the order of milliseconds — using computer hardware infrastructure directly linked to the markets (e.g. AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, ect.). To get an idea of what these programs can do, and their effects, please read my article “HFT and program trading is everywhere“.

However there are also programs and algorithms which are less disruptive, yet not less important, as they keep a firm grasp on some markets, not…

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