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Food prices are volatile and pressures on land are increasing in all regions of the world, causing local communities to fear evictions and many small food producers to be priced out of land markets. The EU has joined a growing consensus, and similar 

Food prices in Wis. dip slightly in 3rd quarter
CBS News
Food prices in Wis. dip slightly in 3rd quarter. MADISON, Wis. — A survey by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation says food prices dipped slightly between July and September. The bureau’s ‘marketbasket’ survey adds up the cost of 16 common food items.

Farm and Food: High-speed crazies taking over commodities markets
Lincoln Journal Star
And yet that’s just what farmers and ranchers do every time they price their cattle, corn, cotton and other commodities in global markets dominated by “high-frequency trading” (HFT), trading driven by computers running algorithms developed by money … 

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Food price spikes linked to malnutrition
Times of India
The report, “A high Price to Pay — The Impact of Rising and Volatile Food Prices on Children’s Nutrition and Food Security” brought out by the Save the Children, added, “They also modify the allocation of food within the household, with mothers going 
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Spiraling Food Prices Dominate World Food Day
ROME, Oct 17 (Bernama) — The impact of spiraling food prices on the world’s poorest topped the agenda when ministers from 20 countries gathered in Rome for the United Nations’ World Food Day on Tuesday. The meeting was held at the UN’s Food and 
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Food reserves must be used to curb volatility in price and supply – top UN 
Reuters AlertNet
By Astrid Zweynert. LONDON (AlertNet) – The United Nations’ top expert on food called on governments to set up strategic food reserves in regions prone to shortages so that where local purchases are not possible, humanitarian agencies have access to 
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World Food Day Raises Concerns Over High Food Prices
First held in 1979 to raise awareness of food security and agricultural issues, World Food Day is celebrated during the annual Committee on World Food Security, which meets this week in Rome, to discuss solutions to skyrocketing food prices. Tonight 
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UN meet in Rome to debate easing global food prices
A farmer drives a tractor through a field in Germany. The international community is gathering in Italy for World Food Day on Tuesday with a round of UN-hosted talks on how to keep global food prices in check and help prevent future commodity market 
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US consumer prices rose on cost of fuel
Sydney Morning Herald
Food costs advanced 0.1 per cent. Safeway, the second- largest US grocery store chain, is among merchants with first- hand knowledge of the lack of pricing power. Raise Prices. “There is a reluctance to raise prices” for packaged goods, said Steven 
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Consumer Prices Rise on Energy Surge; No Pay Gains
Higher costs at the pump force many American consumers to cut back on other spending. A measure of underlying inflation, however, was relatively muted. The core CPI, which excludes food and energy prices, increased 0.1 percent for a third month in a row.
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Shoppers find higher prices for breakfast items
“While prices were up from the second quarter, compared to a year ago, the marketbasket price was actually lower, by about 2 percent,” said John Anderson, AFBF’s deputy chief economist. “For most of this year, food prices have been relatively stable 

UN: Southern Africa food shortages worsen
Catherine Bragg, winding up a five-day southern Africa trip Saturday, said worsening food shortages are the result of drought or floods and rising world food prices. In Zimbabwe, 1.6 million people are affected by food shortages and many rural families 

Yes on Prop. 37
Ukiah Daily Journal
They will generally try to convince you of three things: 1) Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are safe for humans, 2) GMO’s make farmers more productive and make food cheaper, and 3) labeling GMO content in food will substantially increase cost.