Drought has ripple effect on world food prices – Eatocracy – CNN 

By Kat Kinsman
With extreme heat and the worst drought in half a century continuing to plague the farm states, there are important lessons to be learned for all of us — farmers, consumers and the world’s poorest populations alike — about the effect of climate 
Drought and food prices — Opinion — Bangor Daily News — BDN 
By UnBylined
The nation is suffering its worst drought in decades. Only in the 1930s and 1950s has a drought covered more land, a recent federal report noted. The National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C., said 55 percent of the country was in a 
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Food Prices Set To Rise : Personal Liberty Alerts
By Sam Rolley
The drought conditions that many Americans have endured this summer could lead the governments of the United States, France and Mexico to enter talks about ways to bring down the rising globalcost of corn and grain.
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TOC News » Retail Price Watch Group: Food prices down – really?
By Leo Khaw
Taking a snapshot of the average retail prices of selected food items, the group observed that pricesof nine food items have declined, four have remained the same, while four have increased by less than one per cent in the second quarter of 
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Drought might not affect just food prices – WGEM.com: Quincy News 
ADAMS COUNTY (WGEM) — U.S. food prices are predicted to increase between 3 and 4 percent because of the sky-high corn prices.
Grain Crops Update: Drought Impact of Higher Corn Prices on Food 
By Chad Lee
rising price of corn on food prices. While there is no doubt that the higher corn prices we are observing are going to affect what we pay for groceries, it varies considerably on the food product and the time period being considered. Overall, only 
Grain Crops Update
EMERGENCY G20 meeting likely over SOARING FOOD PRICES 
By JayJ
An emergency G20 meeting may be called because of soaring food prices. I’m sure as usual there will be no resolution. With governments already broke, I don’t really see what they can do. Rem.
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Global corn prices surge 23 percent from drought; food inflation to 
(NaturalNews) You have automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and perhaps even health and life insurance, among other coverage. Do you also have food insurance, as in, stored supplies of foodthat can get you through days and 
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High Food Prices: 10 Questions… | Farming First
By Editor
High Food Prices: 10 Questions Answered: http://t.co/7ikgKB43 via @WFP.
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Southeast AgNET » Archive » More on the Drought and Food Prices
By Julie
More on the Drought and Food Prices. by Julie – August 14th, 2012. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack As consumers continue to question just how the current drought will ultimately affect retailsfood prices, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack points out 
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