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Sudan police attack student demo against food prices 
KHARTOUM AFP – Sudanese riot police on Sunday attacked a student demonstration in Khartoum against high food prices, firing tear gas and beating some of the protesters with batons, an AFP correspondent reported.At around midday 0900 
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Infographics of the Week: American Waistlines Grow as Grocery 
By Danielle Gould
Americans may be spending less money on food, but dollars saved are just being spent on the resultingcosts of poor health that plague the nation.
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Sudan police attack student demo against food prices
By Gary Rumain
Sudanese riot police attacked a student demonstration in Khartoum against high food prices, firing tear gas and beating some of the protesters with batons. News report here. By Gary Rumain : 7:00 PM. Sudan police attack student demo 
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Sudanese battle price hikes as economic crisis bites – Students 
By Kuwait Times
food prices. KHARTOUM: Iman is grateful at least that she is healthy. But the Sudanese mother of two says she struggles to feed her family and fears for the future, as an economic crisis bites and food pricessoar. “Last year we used to buy 
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Pannell Discussions » 217 – Artificial scarcity
By David Pannell
In the case of a product like food, high prices act to fix the shortage. They prompt food producers to increase their output, so prices eventually fall back to something like their long-term trend level. That obviously can’t happen with a rare stamp 
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Russia’s Gastronomic Revolution? | Da Russophile
I have watched the impressive transformation of the local retail and food landscape during my frequent visits to the city over the last 7 years. I have been living here for almost a year now. What you mention about the quality food and price of 
Da Russophile
Eating L.A.: Hot summer food fests: East L.A. Meets Napa es muy 
By Pat
Meanwhile, L.A. Times-sponsored The Taste festival over Labor Day weekend has streamlined its schedule into five easier-to-navigate events, each priced at $50. If you’re an L.A. Times print or digital subscriber, tickets are 20% off for now.
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More supply management demanded in COMAGRI single CMO 
By Alan Matthews
The draft report recommends that the European Food Price Monitoring Tool shall study in particular exports and imports, farm gate prices, consumer prices, profit margins, costs of production, processing and distribution at all stages of the food 
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Indian Food: Hunger Amidst Plenty
By SussexSocialist
India’s food policy has two central goals: to provide farmers with higher and more consistent prices for their crops than they would get from the open market, and to sell food grains to the poor at lower pricesthan they would pay at private stores.
Michael Pollan On Food, Gardening, and Helping America | Brain 
By Lewis8
[Y]ou will need not simply to address food prices but to make the reform of the entire food system one of the highest priorities of your administration: unless you do, you will not be able to make significant progress on the health care crisis, 
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