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29 WAYS: DAY 1: What are the five basic steps in investing?

If you have a plan to follow, you’ll know better what to do with your money and you’ll worry less

29 WAYS: DAY 2: Make 2012 a year of paying down debt

It may be time to skip your RRSP and TFSA contributions

29 WAYS: DAY 3: The five fundamentals of a successful retirement planKeep these considerations in mind for a realistic and thorough retirement plan

29 WAYS: DAY 5: Earnings expectations: Does lower mean better?

If rallies come from exceeding expectations, dismal is good

29 WAYS: DAY 6: An egalitarian principle on the market yields encouraging results

Applying equal weighting to S&P 500 stocks shows the past decade has delivered meaningful returns – and might be an alternative for future investing

29 WAYS: DAY 7: Diversification: How many eggs? How many baskets?

Investing in a mixed bag of low-cost index funds can reduce risk of landing in the poor house

29 WAYS: DAY 8: Fees: A new way to slice the pie

Stay open-minded when an adviser pitches a fee-based account to you. Depending on your needs, the cost could be good value

29 WAYS: DAY 9: Avoid RRSP tax with a proper beneficiary

You might think you’re doing the fair thing, but have you factored in the tax man?

29 WAYS: DAY 10: Check this list twice so your portfolio looks nice

These year-end investment tips will help you get set up for a strong 2012

29 WAYS: DAY 11: The no-gouge way to better investing

Unlike many transactions, overpaying for mutual funds is a totally solvable problem

29 WAYS: DAY 12: Investor’s almanac: How to harvest tax losses

Keep tax rules and deadlines in mind as you try to offset capital gains

29 WAYS: DAY 13: Six questions you should ask before adding more debt

Rock-bottom interest rates keep luring us to borrow more – but home equity lines of credit are a ‘dangerous trap,’ expert says

29 WAYS: DAY 14: Try it: Five-minute bond boot camp

If you’ve ever been bamboozled by bonds, this Investor Clinic is for you, writes John Heinzl

29 WAYS: DAY 15: Five big blunders of ‘do-it-yourself’ investors

Here’s how to fix them before they blow a hole in your savings

You’re never too young or poor to chart your financial future, the FPSC says at the start of financial planning week

29 WAYS: DAY 17: I didn’t understand the Home Buyers’ Plan. What now?

Delaying closing date could preserve $25,000 tax-free withdrawal from RRSP allowed by taxman

29 WAYS: DAY 18: A downturn is the time to hunt for dividend stocks

They aren’t risk-free, but you can only buy them at reasonable prices when the outlook is grim

29 WAYS: DAY 19: What return of capital means to fund investors

Many people think they’re getting their original investment back, but that’s not necessarily true

29 WAYS: DAY 20: A primer on how to withdraw from RESPs

There’s a slew of rules surrounding RESP withdrawals that you need to know if your child is heading off to school

29 WAYS: DAY 21: Don’t wait for the grey hair before planning retirement

Old age always seems a long way off, but saving for it needs to begin long before

29 WAYS: DAY 22: Dividend fans: RRSPs are your friend, not your enemy

It’s a myth that RRSP investors pay more tax

29 WAYS: DAY 23: What does retirement really cost?

The price of an annuity is actually a market signal of what retirement really costs, says Moshe Milevsky

29 WAYS: DAY 24: How to use ETFs for your RRSP

Rob Carrick offers a step-by-step guide to choosing and buying exchange-traded funds

29 WAYS: DAY 25: 13 RRSP blunders

These missteps often weigh down investors

29 WAYS: DAY 26: Housing your investments in REITs

Real estate investment trusts can offer sweet payouts and some security. But know the risks

29 WAYS: DAY 27: When fund yields are too good to be true

Monthly income funds with exceptionally high yields may be paying you with your own money

29 WAYS: DAY 28: 12 pointers for building a solid RRSP portfolio

Failure to stick with the right asset mix is perhaps the most common pitfall, advisers say

29 WAYS: DAY 29: Retire that mortgage before you retireDon’t buy more house than you need, and be disciplined about paying off that huge debt