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We couldn’t read the Premier’s lips because he was conspicuous by his absence. But Dalton McGuinty has been explicit in recent speeches — the $16-billion deficit that is on course to balloon to $30-billion within seven years, will not be balanced by raising taxes.

That means the Premier will have to implement all 320 recommendations made by economist Don Drummond and his Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services, released Wednesday. Except, the Ontario Liberals have already made clear they will ignore Mr. Drummond’s suggestion on Mr. McGuinty’s pet full-day kindergarten project — namely that it is a $1.5-billion luxury the province cannot afford.



The former TD Bank chief economist pulled no punches in his press conference: “This is pretty much unprecedented in post-war Canadian history. It is very daunting. Lots of governments have had it tough for two to three years. But then…

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