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Mark Suster video: The bubble bursts in 2012, ’13

Partner at GRP shares bold proclamation at Bullpen and Vator’s Venture Shift NY

Mark Suster, prolific blogger and partner at GRP, is not one to mince words. At Vator and Bullpen’s Venture Shift event in New York last November, where Suster gave a keynote, his point was essentially: I’m not funding you. And, 2012 (maybe 2013) will be an ugly year as funds dry up.

In 2012 or maybe 2013, “fund flows slow down,” he said.

Watch his 30-minute keynote, in which he also provides a good analysis on the state of venture capital and how we got here. Also, read Faith Merino’s write-up: Mark Suster on ENIFA: “Everyone now is a f***ing angel” 
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